Behind the Business: Oak & Ashland

Kelly has known Danika of Oak & Ashland for years, I on the other hand, have only known her for a short time. There's one thing both of us agree on though: she is amazing! Amazing like: she's wildly talented, motivated, and creative. She's beautiful inside and out, and has been successful from the start. Let's just say, we're inspired!

Oak & Ashland: Behind the Business | Freda Banks

You can find Oak & Ashland products on sites like Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty Living, and in publications like Sonoma Magazine. So when Kelly and I had the opportunity to spend a morning making beauty products and learning from the mastermind behind the brand, we jumped for joy! We were lucky enough to have Sarah Deragon shoot the morning for us, and I can't wait to share the entire set of photos with you (check back Monday!). Between the four of us gals, we had such a great morning. Danika taught us about salts, and essential oils, and Sarah shared some great photography tips with us (hint: a white poster board is your best friend!). It was a morning full of inspiration, styling, and good ol' fashion girl time!

Read below to learn more about Oak & Ashland:

What inspired you to start Oak & Ashland? 

"Working as an Esthetician for 13 years gave me the opportunity to learn and immense amount about skin, the way it works and how it easily absorbs EVERYTHING you put on it.  The skin is our bodies largest organ and I wanted to create products that were not only pure, but effective.  Products that you could really feel good about applying to your skin.  There was also a growing request from my facial clientele in Los Angeles for "cleaner" skin products. So after a couple years of testing different natural ingredients, mixing and making concoctions, Oak & Ashland was born."

Where do you see the business at next year? 5 years?

"I really just want to enjoy this new adventure in skincare making, but in 5 years, my dream would be for Oak & Ashland to be people's go-to for better looking skin.  I would also like to open a skincare bungalow where I can incorporate my own products into client's treatments and see the results first-hand.  Working as a medical esthetician and then at the renowned Kate Somerville Clinic was such an incredible experience, both personally and professionally.  Seeing how one woman (Kate Somerville) created such an incredible dream for herself, from just a small facial room in LA, and a couple of products, to what her brand is today, is just pure motivation."
Behind the Business: Oak & Ashland | Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People |
Behind the Business: Oak & Ashland | Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People |

What has been the biggest struggle you've encountered thus far, and what has been the best 'helper' in growing the business?

Thankfully, I have not had many struggles thus far.  My biggest help in growing my business, goes back to being so fortunate to have worked at such a skincare haven in LA.  Those seven years at Kate Somerville are really priceless to me.  Another help has been the use of social media and making sure to build a presence. I think it's important to show both your business (the products) and yourself.  People want to know who is behind the brand."

You can purchase Oak & Ashland products by clicking here. I just ordered the charcoal mask, and have my eye on the facial oil! Danika also writes a blog about beauty, style, and wine country living, it's one of our favorites, and we know you'll love it too! 

Don't forget to check back Monday! We will be sharing the photos from our morning with Oak & Ashland, plus a fun DIY recipe to make your own scrub!

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