Benziger Family Winery

Just past Sonoma, you will find Glen Ellen, a quaint village, home to Glen Ellen Star, BR Cohn, and of course, Benziger Family Winery. Known for their "Glen Ellen" Chardonnay, as well as their sustainable farming practices, Benziger is one of our favorite wineries in the area.  

Benzinger Family Winery in Glen Ellen, CA |

Touted as one of the pioneers in biodynamic wine making, Benziger Family Winery uses organic or green methods to produce their grapes. With sheep on site to manage over-growth, and take care of the fertilizing, the winery tour is not only adorable, but also very educational. 

On a recent visit, Kelly and I got a grand tour of the property by one of the winery's guides, Will. We had a lovely time, and learned quite a bit about what makes the winery special. A key ingredient being their location. The winery is home to four different vineyards; each with its own climate system, resulting in very dynamic wines and olive oil.

Benzinger Family Winery in Glen Ellen, CA |

Much of the chatter during our visit was the recent buyout of the winery by The Wine Group. The question of the hour seemed to be, "So what's it like?", but every family member, and winery employee genuinely smiled over the new ownership, saying that the new owners held the same values that the family winery has nurtured since its opening. 

With the new ownership, Benziger Family Winery will have access to larger distribution opportunities, which speaks volumes for the organic, green, and sustainable farming wineries in the area. With more consumers having access to sustainable & organic wines, the trends will hopefully shift so that all wineries will care for the land as much as Benziger already does. 

Benzinger Family Winery in Glen Ellen, CA |

If you have the time, we suggest carving out some time to take the full tour of the property. And if at all possible, ask for Will! You will have the opportunity to see the fermentation facility, crush pad, and explore the barrel caves. One of the most spectacular views is above the crush pads overlooking the vineyards; it's breathtaking! 


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