Bohemian Highway Travel Co.

Bohemian Highway Travel Co. is a company inspired by the actual Bohemian Highway that winds through the vineyards, orchards, and dairy pastures of western Sonoma County. The spirit of the highway is rooted in adventure and exploration, and Bohemian Highway Travel Co. guides you through your discovery of local hidden gems slightly off the beaten path. Their local expertise in beer, cider, wine, food, and Sonoma County, make them the perfect place to start expanding your knowledge of world famous wine country. 

Bohemian Highway Travel Co. is the perfect company to partner up with for a Father's Day gift- whether you are old enough to enjoy a tour with your dad, or you and the hubs need a day away of celebrating parenthood without the kids, this is the perfect gift. The team at Bohemian Highway can customize their tours for just about any interest- wine, beer, cider, coastal cuisine, zip line tours or mountain biking, you name it. Our team here at ASL decided a beer and cider tour would be a fun break from our normal wine routine (and perfect for Father's Day), and Bohemian Highway Travel Co. planned us an awesome itinerary of places we had never been! Lucky for us, Allyson Wiley tagged along and snapped all of the amazing photos included in this piece so that we could share our day with all of you. 

Stop #1: Horse & Plow

Horse and Plow was started in 2008 with the intention of merging the best of old and new world techniques to make authentic, hand-crafted wines. They have since expanded into making cider as well, which is what drew us to their lovely tasting room. 

We sat for lunch underneath the branches of a sprawling oak tree, taking in the sights and sounds of the garden and surrounding Sebastopol wilderness. Lunch consisted of boxed lunches by Sarah Pinkin, a local  private chef who fixed us brie and caramelized onion sandwiches accompanied by an Asian chicken salad. Both were delightfully light and flavorful, and paired beautifully with the ciders from Horse and Plow. 

Stop #2: Spirit Works Distillery

Our second stop of the day was Spirit Works Distillery, which is located in the Barlow in Sebastopol. The distillery was founded by Timo and Ashby Marshall, on a "grain to glass" philosophy that emphasizes the entire distilling process form start to finish. This hands on approach to production allows Spirit Works Distillery to control every aspect of the batch, whether they are producing vodka, gin, or whiskey. 

Timo and Ashby walked us through their production facility, explaining how they start with the grain, which is milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, and bottled on site. We truly got to see how the production comes full circle, even exploring their barrel room where the whiskeys age. There was one portion of the barrel room that featured barrels of whiskey with headphones or speakers attached- all playing different styles and genres of music. From Prince and Michael Jackson, to movie soundtracks, to The Devil Makes Three, each whiskey was exposed to slightly different styles, and when ready, could be compared to the control barrels of each batch to see how the music's vibrations effected the aging flavor of the whiskey. 

Their signature product is Sloe Gin, which is a traditional English recipe that has been handed down through the generations of the Marshall family. This liqueur is made by steeping sloe berries in gin, which give the gin bright berry and citrus notes, as well as a deep and vibrant burgundy color. It is commonly enjoyed on its own in Europe, but is also a fabulous addition to a variety of cocktails. Our tour ended with a tasting of each of their products, with Timo talking us through  each sip much like a sommelier would do with wine.

Stop #3: Crooked Goat Brewing

Last but certainly not least, we stopped at Crooked Goat Brewing, also located in the Barlow. The industrial style tasting room features long high-top steel tables, for a casual but polished vibe. The back bar features 16 different taps that are always pouring different beers.  

Our team opted to order several "taste" sized samplers, so we could try a little bit of everything. From raspberry wheats, to nitro IPA's, Crooked Goat Brewing has a little bit of something for every palate. By far the team favorite was the Passion Fruit Billy Goat, which was an infused Pilsner with tart tropical sweetness and lively hops that make for the perfect summertime beer. 

As we wrapped up at Crooked Goat Brewing, the team from Bohemian Highway had snacks and refreshments ready for us as we piled back into our vehicles. They created an experience for us that was full of firsts for all of us. Considering the fact that many of our team have lived in Sonoma or Napa Valley for many many years, this was no small feat. It was clear that the Bohemian Highway Travel Co. can create an experience that is as unique as the group attending it. Whether you are a local looking for an exciting new experience, or you are exploring wine country for the first time, Bohemian Highway Travel Co. is the perfect place to start planning. 

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