Celebrating Motherhood in Business: Part 3

In an industry as high-energy as events and weddings, it can be hard to make time to rejuvenate and relax while also tackling motherhood. Trying to make time for your business and spending time with your family is tricky enough, but adding in some "me" time? Nearly impossible! Any side of the events business requires a high level of creativity and organization. Finding new inspiration and passion for what you do is key in finding success in the industry.

It is so important to take care of yourself- you cannot be the best mom or business owner if your tank is always running on empty. We asked our expert mom-trepreneurs for some tips on how they find time to rejuvenate and re-inspire so they can be the best version of themself in all aspects of their life.  

What do you do to rejuvenate, be inspired, and access your creativity inside your busy schedule as a business owner and a mom?

Invest in yourself. Over the past few years, I have adopted a phrase:  “this is an investment, not an expense”.  For everyone this could be something different- For me, my investments in my happiness vary through ever-changing avenues~  health + fitness, life coaches, my amazing staff, massages, mindfulness, date nights, friendships…..heck a great bottle of wine--- If I had to do it solo, alone, by myself, I could not.   

As hard as it can be to do sometimes, I force myself to set aside time for myself. I'm the most inspired and feel the most balanced when I have alone time doing something I enjoy. Whether that's traveling, organizing or reading a book (or listening to an audio book!), those things challenge me and help me learn and grow to be a better entrepreneur, mom, wife friend and person. I also try to get outside everyday! Whether it's a hike, bike ride or quick walk - this helps clear my mind and do something good for my body and soul.

Im going to be honest here, not enough. My husband is constantly telling me to relax or do something just for myself….it is not easy for me! I do feel great when I take a few hours on the weekend to go on a long hike with my dog. Alone time just walking in nature with my dog definitely brings me peace. I also love just relaxing at home looking through home decor books and magazines. I draw so much of my inspiration from the home design world. And of course….flea markets. Technically, it is my job, but I truly truly love being at the flea market searching for one of a kind and unique pieces to bring into the inventory. 

With a three month old and a three year old on my hands, I can’t say that I get much rejuvenation in. That said, my job is incredibly creative and the energy and passion I feel from my day to day work is part of the reason that I chose this career. I feel fortunate to be able to be creative every day that I am in my studio. I’m surrounded by pretty paper, ink, color, ribbon and so much more. Aside from work, the best source of rejuvenation for me is a glass of wine with my husband whether we get to sneak out for an hour or we just open a bottle at home once the kids are asleep. 

Although I love my girls and my job, it is important for me to schedule time to take care of myself! I make sure to take breaks from both motherhood and work- once a year I schedule a vacation (usually only a few days long) to have some “me” time by myself. I also schedule smaller vacations and day trips throughout the year to make sure I have time to relax and rejuvenate, as that is when I am most creative and can best serve my clients and my family!

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Kelly McLeskey-Dolata,

A Savvy Event


Running a business and being a mom is no easy task so we want to celebrate all the hard-working women that are tackling it head on! Last week we explored how business ownership and motherhood compliment each other. If you missed it, check it out here!

Next week, the fourth and final part of our series discusses women in business, and how motherhood can actually help women to progress in the business world! You won't want to miss it.

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