Celebrating Motherhood in Business: Part 4

Over the years, women's roles in society have changed immensely and we want to celebrate just how far they have come in business. Now, women (and moms) are taking the professional world by storm- whether they are running their own company, managing a storefront, or even taking on multiple jobs to support their family. As part of the conclusion to this four part series, we asked our 5 mom-trepreneurs to look back at what women have accomplished, and look forward toward the future of women in business.

Women have progressed forward in leaps and bounds in the business world over the last few decades. How do you see women continuing to progress in business and how can they use being a mother to their advantage?

My mother is one of the toughest, most courageous, level headed, loving human beings I know. She is selfless, truthful, forthright and ridiculously kick-ass.  Her job as a mother everyday was to instill these qualities in her children- granted, I am still learning from her. Some of this she learned, however, many of her attributes are instinctively motherly.  As the world grows and turns and cultures adjust, wouldn't you want someone with these same qualities working for you, or running your business? I think that mother's have always invented out of necessity. Now, with smaller business on the rise and venture capitalists to support the growth of products and companies, being a mom and bringing an idea to fruition is easier than ever before. I'm a mother to two boys, and I think (hope) that growing up with a mom who owns and runs her own business will instill a sense of respect and equality in them as they encounter women in their future workplaces. I also have a baby girl on the way, and can't wait to show her that she can be both an amazing mom and a business woman. I like to think I can make a large impact on the future of women in business through what I teach my children as their mom, just as my mom taught me values that I have carried over into my professional life!

I think women will continue to push the boundaries of what is expected of us as business leaders. We've been lucky to have some trailblazers over the years prove that the way women approach business can be just as (if not more!) successful. Motherhood challenges you in a way nothing else does, and those challenges can lead to significant personal development. Being a mom is a constant reminder that what we do today affects the future, and gives you more of an overall outlook on life. When channelled properly, I think these unique perspectives can create business leaders who are driven to succeed and make a difference. 

Well I think typically women are known for being multitaskers. I think we have mastered it, in fact :) But I think being a mom keeps us grounded and humble at the same time. I mean Girl Bosses get a lot of praise and recognition now more than ever, and that is so wonderful, and I think it keeps us motivated to keep going and continue to work hard. Most importantly I think being a mother and a girl boss makes me proud that I am hopefully being a positive role model for my children so they will grow up with a strong work ethic and goals in mind. My kids motivate me to be the best version of myself….they are what matter most to me in this world (along with my husband) so to me, that is an advantage like no other. Hope that makes sense :) 

I have found that mother-to-mother support can be so effective as a business owner. When I partner with another business owner who is also a mother, there is a sense of support and understanding about how hard we both work and about what we need to be successful. The moms I have met in this industry are so eager to prop each other up which is not only rewarding, but great for the health and growth of mother-owned businesses.

We are starting to see more and more women dominating and leading in the workforce, and in part I think this is because there is more opportunity than ever before! Traditional gender roles are changing, and mothers are taking on a larger, more fluid role in their household. Oftentimes you see women as the breadwinners, while men are shifting into a stay at home dad type of role. It is amazing to see how women manage being at the top of their game as a nurturing mom and a kick ass CEO or business owner, because it is highly criticized and even looked down upon sometimes. The expectations for women who want a career are very high- they shouldn’t be any less of a mom because they are a business woman- and that can be a difficult balance! I think it has been transformative in the way that men are interacting with their families and taking on a more fluid role, and it has given men permission to put their kids and families first. Being a mom and a business owner is so powerful, and women will progress forward even more because of it!

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Kelly McLeskey-Dolata,

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Running a business and being a mom is no easy task so we want to celebrate all the hard-working women that are tackling it head on! If you missed any of our previous features, check them out in the links below!

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