Cruess Wine

Cruess Wine was started by husband and wife team Anthony and Alissa, after spending over 15 years of making wine for other labels. They were inspired by the contents of a shoe box containing their great uncle William's old black and white photos, and his wife's artwork. William and Marie Cruess lived a life of exploration, artwork, and winemaking. William was a food scientist and professor at UC Berkely, eventually going on to start the Viticulture and Oenology department at UC Davis. William was an integral member of the California winemaking community. His wife, Marie, was an artist and the striking artwork you see on the Cruess Wine labels is all her own. 

Anthony and Alissa created Cruess Wine in memory of the Cruess' story, their courage, and their commitment to live an adventurous life in search of all things beautiful. These wines reflect where they were grown, as well as Anthony and Alissa's own ideals about how wine should taste and age. 

So how did Cruess Wine fall into our laps here at A Savvy Lifestyle? Another fun story- Kelly, the founder of A Savvy Event and A Savvy Lifestyle, and Alissa grew up in the same neighborhood as children. In catching up, Alissa introduced Kelly to Cruess Wine and we immediately knew it would be a match made in heaven with ASL. 

Though we would argue you never need an "occasion" to open a bottle of wine, we thought that the first Farmers Market of the summer here in Sonoma was the perfect pairing for a couple bottles of Cruess Wine's 2016 Grenache Vin Gris. Between the pink hue of the wine and the hint of florals in the label, this Vin Gris is as beautiful as it is delicious. 

The Grenache used in this classically styled vin gris was lightly stomped by foot, gently pressed and then fermented to dryness. More than just pink, this is a distinct wine with both structure and attitude.
Beautiful. Structured. Uncompromising Quality. These wines are a statement of art and family; of focused vision and relentless work to make something beautiful to share and inspire others.

There is nothing quite like a bottle of pink wine and the Farmers Market to signal the start of summertime here in Sonoma Valley. Cruess Wine's Vin Gris is the perfect sip of summer, but that is not all they do! They also produce a fabulous Pinot Noir, and a Russian River Fiano. All of their wine is made in small batches and can be found in various locations across Sonoma County and the Bay Area. Though it is not yet in any Sonoma locations, it is available to be purchased online  here. 

Find Cruess Wines at the following locations:

  • The County Bench, Santa Rosa CA
  • Willi's Wine Bar, Santa Rosa CA
  • Wilibees Wine & Spirits, Santa Rosa and Petaluma CA
  • Wili's Seafood, Healdsburg CA
  • Camp Fina, Healdsburg CA
  • Mateo's, Healdsburg CA
  • Dry Creek Kitchen, Healdsburg CA
  • The Trading Post, Cloverdale CA
  • Out the Door, San Francisco CA
  • Petit Crenn, San Francisco CA
  • Little Vine SF, San Francisco CA
  • Fig & Thistle, San Francisco CA

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