An Afternoon at Farmshop Marin

Our team was lucky enough to be invited to Larkspur for an afternoon tasting at Farmshop. The only thing more spectacular than the amazing weather we had was their food. We got a preview of their special events menu and got to experience their excellent service first hand. 

Farmshop boasts two locations, one in Marin, and one in Santa Monica. The Marin location is bright and cheerful, with a large outdoor space that is great for dining when the sun is shining. The indoor spaces are also full of character, with a gorgeous bar running the length of the space, and an exposed pizza oven that is unique to the Marin location. One of my favorite rooms was the indoor events space they have- a great excuse to throw a party if you ask me.

"Established with enthusiasm and passion for detail, Farmshop celebrates farmers and artisan producers who are behind all that we create.  Founded by Chef-Owner Jeff Cerciello, Farmshop is noted for its creativity, innovation and dedication to quality. Join Farmshop’s culinary California road trip through our farmers market driven restaurants and well-edited, highly curated market.  Indulge in Farmshop’s immersive experience and lose yourself in stories told by our chefs, cheesemongers, bakers and butchers." - Farmshop

The Tasting

I promise the food at Farmshop tastes as good as it looks. They started us out with their signature "After Ferry" cocktail which consists of vodka, blood orange, five peppercorn, star anise, and prosecco. This was the perfect cocktail for the early summer day we were having- refreshing, light, and just the right amount of tang. 

We then dove into the canapes: tuna poke, avocado hummus, Hudson Valley duck prosciutto, California caviar, pork rielletes, and Drake Family Farm goat cheese. Each was delightful in its own way- the team favorites were the poke and the pork rilletes, though there wasn't a single item that we disliked. 

Although we could have continued eating the delicious canapes as long as the Farmshop staff continued serving them, the second course certainly did not disappoint. 

To start we were served their county line harvest lettuces with watermelon radishes, hazelnuts, avocado, and a tarragon and mustard vinaigrette. 

The crispy artichokes quickly followed and was one of the team's favorite dishes from the entire afternoon. With di stefano burrata cheese, castelvetrano olives, de santis farm mandarins, vincotto, and harissa spiced walnuts, these artichokes were truly unique and delicious. Each bite was delightfully different, with just enough crunch to balance out the smooth burrata cheese. 

Like the canapes, we would have eaten the second course over and over again had they let us. But, the entrees did not disappoint, in fact I think they exceeded our expectations.

As a team full of wedding planners, we taste a lot of chicken and salmon. Like a lot. We are always weary of seeing these items on a tasting menu, but yet again, Farmshop blew us away. 

I am never one to say no to any form of potatoes, but these smashed potatoes were especially tasty. Topped with shishito peppers and salsa criolla they were packed with flavor and just the right amount of spice. 

Next came the chicken, served almost whole, and garnished with seasonal fruit and nuts to add depth and texture to each bite. It practically fell off the bone, cooked to perfection with a nice crispy finish. The salmon was seared and almost crunchy on the bottom (in the best possible way), served with a greek yogurt sauce and garnished with sour cherries. Both were presented beautifully and left nothing to be desired. 

As if our experience hadn't been decadent enough up until this point, then came dessert. The first was a cocoa dusted meringue with a citrus curd and seasonal citrus garnish. The second was a triple chocolate with candied hazelnuts, salted caramel, and fior gelato. The two were practically as opposite as two desserts can get, but our team thoroughly enjoyed bouncing between bites of the light meringe and the rich chocolate.

Our afternoon at Farmshop was one that I think our entire team would love to relive (or re-eat if you will). Luckily for those of you that are already hungry after reading this post their restaurant is open seven days a week at their locations in Marin and Santa Monica. Additionally if you are looking for a fabulous catering team in the bay area that specializes in fresh farm to table foods, look no further. They host private events at their location in Marin and can also cater private offsite events as well. If you want more info on this, check out their special events page here.

We can't say enough good things about Farmshop and their team. A huge thank you to their Marin team for hosting us for an afternoon, we will be back soon!

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