Getting Pampered in Sonoma at Blush Day Spa

If you're a Sonoma local, chances are, Blush is your go-to day spa for those times you need a little extra pampering. From massages to facials, and of course, their signature scrub, Blush has it all! 

The secluded sanctuary inspired spa is co-owned by husband and wife Delores and James De Alba, who were transplanted from San Francisco to Sonoma. Before the couple met, Dolores spent years training in Italy, where she fell in love with the European approach to skin care. She then moved back to the states, and trained under some of LA's most prominent estheticians and brow shaping experts. After meeting James, Dolores moved to Hollywood and worked at one of LA's most prominent spas; she quickly realized her high end clientele really only wanted three things, "ultimate pampering, discretion, and both products and treatments that produce superior results from their products and treatments." With this knowledge under her belt, Dolores and James decided it was high time they followed their dream of moving back north, so in 2004, the couple headed to Sonoma with one goal in mind: open a a skincare and wellness retreat that would redefine the term ‘day spa’.

And they've done just that! Blush is not only a retreat, but a place to become educated about your skin, and skin care products.  

Blush Day Spa Sonoma, CA |
Blush Day Spa Sonoma, CA |

Kelly went in for the spa's signature treatment: the body scrub, and if you've ever received a body scrub, you know how amazing they are. You come out with skin like a baby, only better because you're not a baby, and you can go have a glass of wine afterwards with your baby like skin. Blush's scrub was one for the books, according to Kelly, which I can vouch for because I saw her when she came out of the treatment room, she was the definition of relaxed. Literally look it up in the dictionary - and there will be a picture of Kelly walking out of Blush's treatment room. 

Blush Day Spa Sonoma, CA |

I was lucky enough to get a facial by none other than Dolores herself! I was very excited about this because I had been breaking out like a teenager, and my skin and I were in a horrible stand off. Luckily we had Dolores for a little skin counseling. 

Dolores was incredibly knowledgeable about skin (obviously), but instead of the usual, "oh you have such nice skin," comments that I normally receive from estheticians, Dolores took the time to explain why my skin was breaking out, why I was noticing some fine lines (at the age of 23), and what I could do about it. She went into detail about vitamins, diet, and cleansing routines, and gave me advice on how to correct my problems.  Since implementing her tricks, I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. 

Before our treatments, Kelly and I ran into a couple of friends on 3 different occasions, and when we told them we were heading to Blush, every single one of them said, "The Oxygen facial is AMAZING!" Well, I have to say, it lived up to its hype. The super hydrating 75 minutes blasted my skin with over 85 different vitamins and minerals, and left my skin feeling plump and soft. 

Dolores and her team offer a wide range of treatments at very affordable prices, and even provide a membership program for monthly pampering. I can't say enough about Dolores' knowledge, or Kelly's soft skin. Blush is at the top of our list for R&R and skin care reviving. 

Blush Day Spa

treatments & membership starting at $75  |  561 broadway street #c  |  707.935.0116  

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