Father's Day at Johnny Doughnuts

Tucked away in San Rafael, California is Johnny Doughnuts- an adorable, brightly lit doughnut and coffee shop that can fix any caffeine or sugar craving. Their full coffee bar can concoct anything from a cappuccino to a vanilla latte to a straight up black coffee, all made with Equator Coffees. And their doughnuts, all made of ingredients sourced within 50 miles, are out of this world. 

From the moment you enter their storefront you can smell the cinnamon, sugar, and coffee combining into a wonderfully comforting aroma. The display case is full of doughnuts in every shape and flavor you could imagine. They have cake doughnuts and raised doughnuts with icing flavors like blueberry, strawberry, lemon poppy seed, and of course the ever-popular chocolate or maple. 

Once you have ordered your coffee and doughnut(s), you can take a seat at one of their spacious family style farm tables, or wander over to the glass partition that separates the kitchen from the dining area. Here you can watch the crew make doughnuts by hand with speedy precision, and it is seriously impressive. 

Johnny Doughnuts makes over 30 types and flavors of doughnuts, from crullers to birthday cake old fashioned doughnuts, to their famous bread pudding made from leftover doughnut dough- wouldn't want it to go to waste, right?? They can also make mini doughnuts and doughnut holes if you so desire. 

In addition to their physical location, Johnny Doughnuts also has a fleet of 3 doughnut trucks that can feed any number of guests at corporate events, weddings, or lifestyle events. Check out more info on their website here. The team at Johnny Doughnuts is always up for a challenge, and will create custom flavors or even icing colors to fit the vision you have for your events! They can also provide a full espresso bar to accompany their sweet treats. 

We knew Johnny Doughnuts would be the perfect fit for creating a custom Father's Day treat and they did not disappoint. If you live in the bay area, I'm telling you to hop in your car and drive to San Rafael because no matter how far it is, these doughnuts are worth it. So, without further ado, I present to you- The Money Maker (because you're bringin' home the bacon). 

These old fashioned doughnuts are made of a maple cake, full of delicious cinnamon and allspice. The maple glaze on top of the cake has a hint of decaf coffee blended in for an extra kick of flavor. As if all of this wasn't already enough, they topped it with crispy bacon and a chocolate icing drizzle. 

It pairs perfectly with your morning cup of coffee and is sure to be a family favorite with everyone, not just dad.

Johnny Doughnuts is rapidly expanding, with two more Bay Area locations opening up this year, and rightly so! Their doughnuts and the entire experience at their shop is beyond fabulous. You can tell how much thought and hard work has gone into every doughnut they sell and I'm sure their new locations will be the same. 

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