Local Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

As we head into Thanksgiving and the greater holiday season this year, we want to bring you inspiration from local stores here in Sonoma. Picking an outfit for Thanksgiving can be tricky- you want to look stylish and put together, and at the same time you want to make sure the outfit will still be flattering after a few servings of turkey and mashed potatoes. We took it upon ourselves to pick out a few options from the boutiques around the plaza, in case you waited until the last minute to do your shopping- you can find all of these items locally! If you are not from Sonoma, all of these boutiques will ship purchased items to you across the states. 

Wildeflower Boutique 

This is one of the newer stores just off the Sonoma Plaza, that is bringing bohemian style fashion to down town. This is a store you can get lost in for a long while- every table, shelf, and hanger holds something unique and exciting. From trinkets to house wares to clothing and accessories, this shop is full of fun items just waiting to be discovered. 

The style we chose was a wine country twist on the boho vibe of the store. A crisp blue denim button down, paired with the relaxed cream sweater are the perfect happy medium between wine country preppy and Los Angeles Boho. Top off the outfit with the camel hat featuring chevron accents, and you are sure to be the coolest gal at any Thanksgiving celebration.



Perle is one of our go-to boutiques for any and all occasions here in Sonoma. Their clothes are stylish and trendy, but classy and appropriate for all ages of women. We immediately fell in love with these rust colored pants and knew we needed to plan a thanksgiving outfit around them. The subtle braided details on the sleeves of the white long sleeve and luxe texture of the shearling vest were the perfect compliment to these statement pants. Pair with a some knee high boots or booties, to keep this look cozy and stylish. 


Half Pint

You did't think we could forget the kiddos did you? Half Pint has something for all the "littles" in your life- whether they are your own, or just ones you love like they are yours. You'll most likely walk out with something that you wish came in your own size, but alas, seeing your mini-me in it will have to be satisfaction enough.

The outfits we selected for the members of the kid's table this Thanksgiving are great pieces that can be worn again throughout the holiday season. Each item can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion, and of course they are all kid friendly. 


This Thanksgiving and holiday season, we hope to inspire you to shop locally for all occasions. These are just a few of the wonderful shops around the Sonoma Plaza, and there are many more to choose from across the valley! We hope you all have a wonderful, and stylish, Thanksgiving celebration. Cheers!

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