Celebrating Motherhood in Business: Part 2

Being both a mom and a business owner means juggling a million things at once- but do the two actually help each other? Can being a business owner help with being a mother and vice versa? We think it is fairly obvious that the skills needed to be a "good" mom overlap with the skills needed to be a "good" business owner, but what are they? How do they compliment each other? Our 5 mom-trepreneurs helped us dig a little deeper this week to find out the answer.

How does being a mom help you as a business owner, and how does being a business owner help you with motherhood? In other words, how do they compliment each other?

Hands down, I get to practice daily with my clients, my little boys, and my husband on:

  • The capacity to listen.
  • The skill of time management
  • The ability to be proactive, not reactive
  • Trusting my intuition
  • And oh, I surely can’t forget…...The art of negotiation

I find all of these to be helpful in the success of my business and in our everyday family life.

Both my family and my career give me purpose and challenge me to continue to grow. I want to be an example to my kids of working hard, investing in others and following your dreams - I do that by pursuing my passion for my company. My kids have also taught me to work smarter and value my time even more so now that I have less of it to give. You can have a family and still have a career you love, I find having purpose both in and out of the home has made me an even better person. 

Well I think that my kids have a huge appreciation for how hard I work. They give me a hard time sometimes (they say I can never sit still) but I hope they see the passion that drives me to do what I do, and hopefully they too will find that passion for something later in life. My daughter turned 16 this summer and wanted a job so I told her she could apply at my retail location (the found shop) but that she would have to go through the interview process with my shop manager just like everyone else does. I wanted her to learn the basic life skills of applying for a job, interviewing, and then holding down that responsibility. She has done a wonderful job, and I really stay out of it and let her handle it on her own. I want my kids to have independence and know that nothing in life is easy…you have to work hard for the things you want. I think in the work place I also have a huge heart for my employees who work so hard for me and do so much for my company. I feel like a mama bear to all 50+ of them. They are family to me and I think being a mom has made me appreciate my employees and all they do for me that much more. 

When I became a mom, I quickly learned the importance of working smarter not harder. I got savvy with my technology and apps and looked for as many ways to be more efficient as possible so I could spend more time with my littles. Becoming more organized and structured has helped my business grow and allowed me to easily offload tasks to staff or contractors that I don’t personally need to be doing. This is true for family life as well — whether it means Instacart instead of a hectic trip to the grocery store or a dependency on Amazon to keep our household supplies stocked — finding ways to be more efficient at home has helped me free up some time to just be present and play with my two kids.

Being a mom has taught me immeasurable amounts of patience and understanding, which helps me when working with clients on quite possibly the most stressful, pressure-filled event they will ever plan! Owning a business has been a huge lesson in structure, organization, and time management. Applying these things to motherhood help to make things easier on me, and in turn make me more available to my girls!

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Kelly McLeskey-Dolata,

A Savvy Event


Running a business and being a mom is no easy task so we want to celebrate all the hard-working women that are tackling it head on! Last week we explored what it takes to balance time between mom-life and work-life. If you missed it, check it out here!

Next week, the third part to our series celebrating motherhood in business will explore what these 5 mom-trepreneurs do to rejuvinate, relax, and reinspire! You won't want to miss it.

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