neve | hawk: Inspiring Creativity and Adventure

On the main drag in San Anselmo, CA, you can find the flagship store and workshop that is neve | hawk. Every piece and workshop offered are meant to inspire creativity and adventure in families, within a local community space. Founders Kris and Bob hold many titles; mom, dad, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, seamstress- to name a few.


But before there was Neve, or Hawk, there was just Kris and Bob, living in the Blue Ridge Mountains talking about the day they'd quit their jobs and "make stuff" for a living. Soon after they became parents to their daughter, Neve, and son, Shepard Hawk, they realized that they had reached the day they had been dreaming of for so long. They credit this leap of faith to their children, saying that bringing people into the world was a bigger motivator to follow their hearts than anything they had ever experienced before.

Although technically the brand was established in 2012, and the flagship opened in 2016, the brand and workshop truly grew together and from one another. Kris and Bob converted their master bedroom into their own personal workshop to sew, illustrate, burn screens, mix ink, and press t-shirts. After the kids went to bed, Kris and Bob would retreat into their studio with a bottle of wine and a playlist of their favorite songs to create what would eventually become the brand, neve | hawk. The brand and workshop are one in the same, telling the story of who they are: their love for creativity, and their desire to share this and teach this to others. 

Now, they are no longer making t-shirts in their bedroom, but in their flagship store and workshop. At any given time, about 50% of what is on the shelves are items from their brand. The other half is a carefully curated collection of their friends' styles, other artists' pieces, and accessories by brands that share neve | hawk's mission: to fight for creativity. They pride themselves on being able to tell a story about almost every item in the store, and a story about the person behind it. 

The workshops offered at neve | hawk come in all shapes and sizes. Top artists from the bay area community will be there teaching natural perfume making, indigo dyeing, jewelry making, leather clutch making, screen printing, and garment making. See the full schedule for 2017 here

Kris and Bob both grew up with exceptional artistic programs at the public schools that they attended, crediting these art classes for what they do now. They see neve | hawk as an opportunity to keep art and creativity alive, and pass this along to other families through their designs and workshops. This summer of 2017, neve | hawk will be hitting the road, quite literally. Traveling with both children, Kris and Bob are going to explore the US via their camper van. Besides their family adventures, they will be stopping along the way to teach pop up workshops in screen printing out of their van. Yes, it really is as cool as it sounds...

Ultimately, this year is all about continuing to expand the brand in a way that inspires adventure and creativity in families. neve | hawk encourages everyone to follow their lead in small footprint living- having fewer, but higher quality goods and using the resources you have to truly live life through exploration, creation, and adventure. Shop their collection online here, and make sure to visit their flagship in San Anselmo! Also, head to our instagram to enter to win a spot in one of their sold out screen printing workshops. 

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