Sauce in Sonoma: Mia's Kitchen

Mia of Mia’s Kitchen founded the gourmet sauce company with a passion for sharing authentic Italian food in an approachable manner. The pasta sauce, olive oil, and balsamic company was incorporated in Sonoma in 2012, and has since grown to be sold nationally.

Mia's Kitchen |
Mia's Kitchen |

“Some of my best childhood memories come from sitting around watching my mother cook. I wanted to create something real, raw, and authentic. Something that honored my Italian heritage, and pasta sauce was my thing. I learned to love wine from the ground up, and I think someone’s experience with food should be just that.”

Mia’s Kitchen didn’t start with pasta sauce, at the age of 24 Mia began using leftover wine to make & sell wine reduction. After awhile of success, Mia began crafting wine reduction’s better-looking cousin, balsamic, and later, oil. After some reflection Mia realized that her childhood memories didn’t involve balsamic or wine reduction, and authenticity was one of the key ingredients to her business. So she redirected the business, and took a chance with pasta sauce. Although there is much more competition within the pasta sauce industry, Mia knew that she needed to do something real.

With a deep belief in genuineness, she wanted the customer to be able to enjoy her food and experience new flavors without being worried about pronunciation. So, when starting Mia’s Kitchen, it was important for her to remove the pretentiousness from the experience and packaging.

“You don’t have to have all the knowledge in the world or all the money in the world to enjoy great food.”

Mia's Kitchen

Mia has come a long way since selling bottles of wine reduction out of the back of her mother’s "Noni Bus”, and has gained her footing as a woman in business. Starting a business so young, especially as a woman, was difficult to find her voice. But, once she did, it propelled her to where she is today.

Now, Mia’s Kitchen is sold nationwide, primarily in the bay area and wine country; local markets like Safeway and Sonoma Market (now under Nugget) are huge supporters of the company. We hear that new some new products will be entering the market later this year, but if you try only one, we might suggest the Vodka sauce.

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