A Savvy Event's Super Bowl Commercial

Wait what? Yes, you read that right. A Savvy Event didn't necessarily advertise during the Superbowl, but Kelly styled the Buick commercial that premiered during the big game! 

In case you're like me, and don't follow football, let me fill you in: The bridesmaid (Blurred Lines model/actress Emily Ratajkowsk), pulls a total "Odell" move. Meaning, she makes an amazing bouquet catch, and then tosses the bouquet to none other and the New York Giants wide receiver himself! 


Kelly on set! 


The wedding party watches as the newly married couple drives away in what they, "can't believe" is a Buick convertible. 

So what was working on the set of a commercial like? Here's what Kelly & Lally (who assisted Kelly on the shoot) had to say! 

From Lally:

"It was so much fun working on the set of the Buick commercial with Kelly. The attention to detail on a set is out of this world, and I loved it! For the styling, every take and re-take had to look exactly the same. It is amazing how many times a scene can be shot, just to make sure they have the perfect one. I was also amazed at the number of people that go into making a commercial possible. It was go go go, and then you wait while they shoot the scene, and then it is go time again! Working the shoot was exciting and a welcomed change of pace from our weddings and other events."

Watch the commercial: