Sonoma Jewlelry Designer Meghan Bohem

Sonoma based jewelry designer Meghan Boehm has successfully become a well-known artist in the area, designing for companies like Chasing Grace and Vici Collection, as well selling online through Etsy.

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Meghan remembers falling in love with beads and jewelry at a young age, and recalls stopping at every bead shop she could during vacations so she could grow her collection, which all started at The Beaded Eagle in Sonoma. Throughout her childhood, she was fascinated with beads, but at 15, she stored them away. It wasn’t until she had had her second child that she broke out her jewelry kit again. “About a year and a half ago, I was searching Etsy and found a piece of jewelry I adored, but I thought, “I could make that!” So I did.”

Meghan Boehm - a Sonoma based jewelry designer.

After that first initial piece, she was hooked and began creating all types of jewelry. She updated her Etsy shop with new products, and the business, Meghan Bo Designs, took off from there. Meghan’s ability to create is showcased through each unique piece; her entire collection - from Vici, Chasing Grace, and her Etsy shop – features a multitude of fantastic styles. 

“It's something I’m very passionate about, and I am constantly inspired by everything around me.”
She says she is amazed at the growth of the business in such a short amount of time, which she says was facilitated through the support of the small Sonoma community. She doesn’t spend money on marketing or sales, instead she relies on word-of-mouth, which over the past year and a half has helped her business become what it is today.

“It’s been such a whirlwind. When I first started doing it, it was just for fun after my kids went to sleep. Now it’s so much bigger than I expected it to become, it would be great to be able to do this full time someday!”

Sonoma Based jewelry designer Meghan Bo Designs.

 Connecting with businesses like Vici Collection and Chasing Grace would help her do just that. Meghan says that having the opportunity to work with the girls of Chasing Grace gave her the ability to tap into a new market, as well as develop a great relationship with three wonderful businesswomen. The Chasing Grace collection is very high end and high quality and relates to a very specific market, while the Vici Collection stands at a lower price point and is a bit more whimsical.

Meghan is a creative at heart and also loves to sew and craft, which is apparent through her vast designs of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Individual pieces can be purchased online through her Etsy store.

Meghan was kind enough to offer readers 15% off through November 20, 2016 with code: ASAVVYLIFESTYLE

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