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After many years of working in the catering industry, Sarah Pinkins needed a break from the busy and chaotic schedule of the culinary world. With an ambition to fill a need in Sonoma, she reached out to Victoria Fontana, an expert in ethnic cooking from years spent traveling. Together, the duo founded Sonoma Meals, a small meal delivering service specializing in from scratch, seasonal meals for busy people and families.

“Sonoma Meals allowed me to continue doing what I love to do while also feeding busy families and people. It filled a need for both myself and our eventual clients.” –Sarah

Sonoma Meals |
Sonoma Meals |

With menu options ranging from lasagna to kale salads, Sonoma Meals offers fresh and healthy food options for families of all sizes and taste preferences. Sarah and Victoria work with local farmers and artisans so that each meal they deliver represents the very best of Sonoma’s produce.

“I am lucky to be living in such an incredible town with amazing friends, surrounded by some of the best food in the world.” -Sarah

Each week, the menu is updated to reflect the available produce as well as the chef’s of-the-moment inspiration. Sarah and Victoria love working with local suppliers, like Paul's Produce, as well as drawing inspiration from their previous culinary professions & experiences. 

“Before becoming a mother, for seven straight years I traveled to each and any wine-producing zone in the globe! That exposure completely changed my perspective on how we eat, and what we eat. I also cook many of my grandmother's recipes; she was from Valencia and emigrated to Argentina as a teenager.” -Victoria

Sonoma Meals |

Since first founding the business, Victoria and Sarah have created a much appreciated meal service for busy, on-the-go parents in the Sonoma Valley. Using seasonal and local ingredients makes it easy for moms to trust that Sonoma Meals is the next best thing to a home cooked meal.

Sarah and Victoria both agree that word of mouth advertising is what has helped them grow the business into what it is today. As it grows, Victoria and Sarah have visions of opening pickup locations within the Sonoma areas. This would allow them to serve their healthy, on-the-go meals to more families within the Sonoma Valley.

Orders can be placed on-line or emailed directly to Sonoma Meals.

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