Sonoma Business Spotlight: Sonoma Roots Natural Medicine

Sonoma Roots Natural Medicine is a natural health clinic and herb shop in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Owned and operated by Dr. Danielle Schwaderer, a Sonoma local, Sonoma Roots Natural Medicine offers a wide range of holistic medicine services and products to locals and tourists alike.

Dr. Danielle Schwaderer always knew she wanted to be a doctor. She comes from a family of optometrists, and was pre-med during her undergradtuate years. However she didn't decide she wanted to be a naturopathic doctor until she attended a naturopathic convention while working at a health food store. Another 4 years of schooling later Danielle has an incredible wealth of knowledge to share with her community here in wine country. 

For those of you unfamiliar with naturopathic medicine here are the basics. Naturopathic medicine is about treating the whole person- rather than a single symptom. It is functional, uses the least invasive options possible, and emphasizes prevention. Danielle sees the work that she does as the middle ground between natural medicine and mainstream medicine- a way of bridging the gap between the two. 

The bright, happy space of Sonoma Roots is located on 1st St. West in Sonoma, and the shop is full of goodies and tinctures. In addition to naturopathic medical visits with Dr. Schwaderer, Sonoma Roots offers a number of other services. Sonoma Roots partnered with Bloom Skin Care and Waxing, which is run by Danielle's cousin, Ashley Weil. She offers facials, peels, and waxing. Ashley and Danielle also help their clients to tackle skin problems from multiple angles- both internal and external. While Ashley focuses on the external factors, Danielle can consult on what might be causing the problem from the inside out, doubling the chances of radiant, beautiful skin!

On Tuesday's from 3:30-5:30 they hold a Happy & Healthy Hour where you can get a vitamin B-12 shot for $20! B-12 is best absorbed by the body in shot form and is responsible for improvements in mood, energy, and sleep. Sonoma Roots releases seasonal cleanses 4 times a year with a combination of nutritional advice, supplements, and a 3-10 day plan. These "body boost" cleanses are a great way to jump start your health or restart a new years resolution gone awry. Their shop is home to an infrared sauna which will help you sweat out any toxins. Sonoma Roots also hosts ladies' nights where clients can come create products like bath soaks, essential oil diffusers, and skin scrubs. Danielle and Ashley's knowledge of natural ingredients and remedies make these  girls nights out fun and good for your heath!

If you have too much of a good time (or just too much wine), Sonoma Roots has Hangover Support Packets that are there to help soften the blow. They also provide allergy relief and prevention if that's why your head is pounding.

The shop is full of solutions to just about any problem you might have, so make sure to stop by and consult Dr. Danielle Schwaderer- she might even mix you up your own special blend of herbs to cure your ailment!

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