Little Om Yoga, Sonoma

Lesley Giovannelli has been teaching yoga for over 11 years and her passion for teaching children and teens has blossomed with the expansion of her business, Little Om Yoga. Based out of Sonoma, California, Lesley teaches yoga classes to people of all ages. However, her true passion is working with children. Kids' lives are jam packed with activities these days, some of which can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. Between the added pressure of school, competitive sports, and other extracurricular activities, a lot of kids don't have much time in their schedule to be still, relax, and decompress. Although yoga is technically another activity to add the schedule, Lesley believes that it can give children the tools to de-stress and be more present in all the other areas of their lives.


Lesley offers a wide range of classes through Little Om Yoga, stressing that yoga can be for everyone! This fall, she is offering a class series for children ages 5-9, ages 10-13, and family yoga for parents and children to take together. Click here to check out the dates and details, and here to sign up for classes


In addition to her class series, Lesley also offers private classes for wedding parties or bachelorette parties, and even birthday parties for kids! She also works with youth baseball and volleyball teams, as well as some after school programs and high school clubs. Yoga is proven to increase flexibility, balance, and strength- and in turn, helps to prevent sports related injuries in children and teens. Additionally, Lesley teaches yoga classes locally at Sonoma Fit.


Lesley's hope is to bring yoga into the curriculum of local schools here in Sonoma Valley. She thinks that it should be made available to all young children and teens regardless of their lives outside of school. There have been many school districts across the country adapting the 'yoga instead of detention' policy and have seen a large shift in children's behavior because of it. The practice of yoga can help children to curb their anxiety, be present, and create healthy habits. All of these things contribute to better success in school, sports, and life moving forward. 


Little Om Yoga has grown slowly but surely in our little town of Sonoma, but Lesley hopes that it's effects will reach far beyond! Allowing children to practice meditation, mindfulness, and self-care during yoga are all things that have a ripple effect out into the rest of their lives. We have included a few articles for additional reading below about the benefits yoga can have on children's lives. We hope you will support Little Om Yoga and Lesley's mission to benefit children across wine country!

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Sonoma Stompers

If you're looking for a night out with the family, look no further than the People's Home Equity Ballpark and the Sonoma Stompers Baseball club. The Stompers joined the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs in 2014, bringing independent professional baseball to Sonoma, CA. Recently acquired by Sonoma local, Jon Sebastiani, the team is bringing an all ages, family-oriented summer activity to the valley. 

Since their establishment, the Stompers have been making history one season after another. In 2015, Stompers pitcher Sean Conroy, became the first openly gay active professional baseball player. In 2016, the Sonoma Stompers shattered even more steroetypes when they signed two female players-  outfielder-pitcher Kelsie Whitmore and infielder Stacy Piagno- becoming the first coed baseball team since the 1950's. The Stompers continued this trend, adding catcher Anna Kimbrell to their roster in July of 2016. They topped off their historic 2016 season winning both the first and second halves, as well as the league championship. 

New ownership this season has brought several improvements to the ballpark experience for fans, with new seating areas like the Krave Klub that looks out along the third base line. 

Upcoming special events at the ball park include Zupa Noma Night featuring Ayesha Curry, as well as Bocce Ball night, Sweet Scoops night, and Star Wars night! To explore a full list of upcoming events click here. 

The Sonoma Stopmers are bringing big league entertainment to small-town Sonoma, and hope to give back to the community that they call home. With multiple local partners such as People's Home Equity Mortgage Lending, Mary's Pizza Shack, 3 Badge Beverage Corp., and the Sonoma Index Tribune, the Stompers have quickly ingrained themselves in the Sonoma community.  

There is still plenty of season left, so get your tickets here! We hope to see you all at a game soon. 

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