Mother's Day Gifting Inspiration with Poppins and Post

Mother's Day gifting is always tricky, because really, what can you possibly get your mom that will equal all that she has given you over your lifetime? Well, the answer is something thoughtful, personal, and with a lot of love put in. If your mom is anything like mine, she will love it (or at least pretend to) no matter what it is. 

We know we could all use a little inspiration every now and then so we sat down with Jenn Hatton of Poppins and Post to create a gift for mom that would knock her socks off. From weddings to corporate clients, Jenn creates custom gifts and sweet treats for customers all over the bay area. She used to own a bakery in Carmel, and eventually translated that talent into gift baskets. Her keen eye for beautiful, high quality products, coupled with her talents in the kitchen make her a perfect fit for any of your gifting needs. 

Jenn describes herself as obsessive over details like ribbons and packaging, which you can see in her work. Each detail of the basket was carefully curated. Jenn expressed to us the importance of using local products whenever she can. The items in this particular basket were sourced from the likes of Oakville Grocery, Olivier, Wine Forest, Glassy Baby, a local nursery, and Jenn's own kitchen. 

Items included handcrafted soaps, a candle, a small citrus tree, flowers, a mug, blue cheese stuffed olives, wild mushroom risotto, and Jenn's signature buttercream sugar cookies. 

These simple but decadent cookies soon became Jenn's signature item at Poppins and Post. Though she never intended them to be the star of the show, these sandwich cookies certainly deserve high praise.   Everyone from corporate big shots to children fell in love with these dainty pastel-filled cookies. Now, Jenn can make the buttercream in any flavor or color you might imagine- raspberry, lemon, strawberry, mint, and chocolate to name a few. 

Jenn creates custom works specific to each client that she works with. Her range is limitless, crafting things for every season and occasion. We have included a few examples of her other work for you to drool over (seriously, aren't they gorgeous??) and you can find even more on her instagram here. 

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