Sonoma Business Spotlight: Level Sleep

Level Sleep is a locally run business owned by Sonoma local, JJ Abodeely. Level Sleep makes "sleep products designed for the human form", using extensive scientific research to build and shape how their mattresses, pillows, and toppers feel for the user. These methods have been proven (by Stanford researchers no less) to improve quality of sleep  and reduce joint pain or stiffness. 

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When the fires struck wine country, JJ and his team sprung into action. On Monday October 9th JJ got word that the SDC patients had been evacuated to the Vets Hall, where there were no mattresses or cots scheduled to be delivered for them to sleep on. He immediately began gathering all of his inventory from the Level Sleep Sonoma experience center and one of their local storage warehouses to take to the Vets Hall, and donated mattresses, pillows, toppers- anything that might bring these evacuees some comfort. 

That same Monday, JJ then joined forces with fellow Rotary of Sonoma member, Tony Moll, to distribute hot food to evacuees. Tony had opened operations at The Red Grape to make pizzas for evacuation centers and first responders with a small team of volunteers. By Tuesday they had distributed hundreds of pizzas and it was clear that the need for hot food was only growing, as was the team at the Red Grape. Wednesday brought an influx of volunteers in the form of local restaurant owners, chefs, and catering professionals. At this point Tony and JJ decided it was time to organize and distribute. Restaurant owners were donating food to the cause in droves, and Sondra Bernstein of the girl + the fig opened her doors at Suite D to serve as the new headquarters of the movement. At this point they were almost solely delivering hot food (cooked by some of the most talented Chefs in the valley) to firehouses, police road blocks, and even on duty firefighters who hadn't had a break in days. JJ and Rotary's efforts were focused primarily on organizing volunteers to deliver food, and beginning fundraising to enable them to continue helping the community. 

The youcaring campaign set up by Rotary has already raised upwards of $200,000 and is still climbing. Rotary is dedicated to making sure that every single penny raised is given back to the community of Sonoma and the people locally that were effected by the fires. You can read more about their efforts over the last few weeks here, and donate to their campaign if you feel so inclined. 

As JJ and his team at Level Sleep move forward, they want to continue to support the community here in Sonoma. If you lost your home in the fires they are offering free mattresses to help you rebuild your home, starting with your bed! Click here for details. If you are a resident of Sonoma County, you can use code "SonomaStrong" to get a 20% discount on Levelsleep products. Click here to shop their selections. 

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