Celebrating Motherhood in Business

Being a mom can be a full-time job, so when you own and run a business as a mother, it is like having two, sometimes three jobs depending on the day. Juggling school schedules, business meetings, soccer practice, employee needs, and homework deadlines can be near impossible- and yet there are so many women that have a laundry list much longer than this one that make it work every single day. How do they do it? Well, we decided to find out by going straight to the source. This four part series explores just a few of the challenges of being a mom and a business owner, with real, honest answers from real women.



Our fearless leader, Kelly Dolata is both a mom and a business owner, and we felt it was time to highlight some of the most kick-a** moms in business that we are lucky enough to work with! So without further ado, let us introduce you to some of our favorite mom-trepreneurs.

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Part 1

The first part of our 4 part Celebrating Motherhood in Business series addresses one of the most crucial challenge that working-moms face: balancing their time and resources. If you haven't already met our 5 leading ladies, check out their introduction piece on the blog here. We asked these successful business-moms just how they do it (because they seriously do it all), and we compiled their best tips and tricks right here for you on A Savvy Lifestyle.

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Part 2

Being both a mom and a business owner means juggling a million things at once- but do the two actually help each other? Can being a business owner help with being a mother and vice versa? We think it is fairly obvious that the skills needed to be a "good" mom overlap with the skills needed to be a "good" business owner, but what are they? How do they compliment each other? Our 5 mom-trepreneurs helped us dig a little deeper this week to find out the answer.


part 3

In an industry as high-energy as events and weddings, it can be hard to make time to rejuvenate and relax while also tackling motherhood. Trying to make time for your business and spending time with your family is tricky enough, but adding in some "me" time? Nearly impossible! Any side of the events business requires a high level of creativity and organization. Finding new inspiration and passion for what you do is key in finding success in the industry.

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Part 4: How can being a mom help women to progress in the business world?

Over the years, women's roles in society have changed immensely and we want to celebrate just how far they have come in business. Now, women (and moms) are taking the professional world by storm- whether they are running their own company, managing a storefront, or even taking on multiple jobs to support their family. As part of the conclusion to this four part series, we asked our 5 mom-trepreneurs to look back at what women have accomplished, and look forward toward the future of women in business.